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Follow simply steps to register and place the data of your performance to our website "Wonderland".

In order to add information about your performance to our website you should do the following:
1. Provide the full information about your performance, quantity of people, weight and dimensions and schedule for the near future.
2. Download the application form from our website, fill it in and send it back to us.
3. Download the quality pictures to the website, at least 3 pictures.
4. Please add the video of your performance. If you have any problems downloading it, please contact us by email or telephone number stated in "Contacts". We will be able to help you.

Download the application form

International circus agency – “Wonderland”

"Wonderland" - is one of the largest and most famous circus agencies in Ukraine, concert agencies, which work with more than 2500 leading circus and ballet artists. Among them are world famous honored artists of Ukraine such as Valentin Rudenko, Yuri Saveliev, Yuri and Veronica Shkuratko, Mr Grigorov and Olesya Shulga, winners of international and Ukrainian circus competitions and festivals. There are many prestigious awards have been granted at the World Circus Festivals in Monte Carlo, China, Poland, Paris and USA for programs and circus shows prepared by our artists.

In 2009 aerialists Dmitry Grigorov and Olesya Shulga have been awarded with "Golden Clown" prize in Monte Carlo. Each year our artists are preparing different interesting programs for circus such as "Artflay", "Arena", "Olympus", "Star”, "Great Imperial Circus," "Balagan", "Trikar - Circus of the new century ", " Grand "," Courage”, " Kobza "," Eldorado", “Millennium",” Circus on the water"," Circus on Ice ", as well as for stationary circus in Ukraine. Our artists are successfully working in Europe (UK, Germany, France, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania), in Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon , Israel), America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico), Africa (South Africa, Congo) and in Australia.

Nowadays the agency "Wonderland" is progressively entering the markets for corporate leisure and entertainment, using the latest entertainment technology, thereby expanding the variety of services. We represent ourselves as a production company that helps circus artists to develop and improve event service. We are also offering our help to agencies in assistance to choose circus artists for various corporate events and excellent circus performances!

In 2011, there was a preparation for the football championship EURO 2012 in Ukraine. Two well-known theaters were invited by our agency to take part in opening stadiums. The Italian theater «SONICS» and Italian theater «FESTI» participated in the opening of NSK "Olympic" stadium. The French theater «PLASTICIENS VOLANTS» took part in the opening of "LVIV ARENA".

We can help you to find circus artists for any kind of performances at different level of difficulty!